The Night Angels and The Dream Weaver 3/20/18

This is Ann Marie speaking…

Sometimes Aura gives her messages in the form of a little story or ditty of some sort (ie. The Balloon 3/19/18 ). I love it when she does that and it’s been awhile since she’s given me one, so the other day I asked her for something along those lines.

Last night I woke up with the following in my head which was a message given to me back in March. It comes from a different energy, one known to me as the Night Angels, and obviously I’m meant to share this now, Ask and you shall receive, right? Ha! Anyway, I loved this then and hope you do as well.


The Night Angels and the Dream Weaver work together. Sometimes we keep you asleep so the Dream Weaver can complete his task.

We are soft, barely there—like clouds and feathers we float.

We enshroud you in the light of protection. You are always safe. We are always with you in sleep.