The Gateway to the Soul 7/1/18

Work with your dreams. Dreams are a powerful source of inner knowledge. Repetitive themes and symbols will help you to decipher aspects of yourself and areas of personal development requiring attention.

Dreams are the gateway to the soul. Crossing this threshold will allow you greater access to unearthed gifts and pertinent karmic messages. It is then, once again, up to you to use and implement this new-found information for your progression toward enlightenment and self discovery.

As always, the choice is yours.


Hi. This is Ann Marie speaking now.

I wanted to comment on this message because I can testify from my own experience how transformational dream work is. I discovered a fantastic book written by Michael Sheridan, How to Interpret Your Dreams and Discover Your Life Purpose, which has been and continues to be an invaluable resource.

I typically steer clear of “How To” books because I believe everyone is different and there’s no one set way to do anything. However, although the title suggests it’s one of these books, it most definitely is not. It not only assists with dream analysis and symbol identification, it is also a wealth of information concerning the recognition of  the spiritual gifts you’re obliged to develop in this lifetime as well as health related awareness brought to light in dreams.

If you decide to delve more deeply into the meanings of your dreams, I highly recommend this book as a wonderful guide.