Your Contract 6/8/18

You are here on Earth to fulfill your contract. It is a contract agreed upon by you before birth. It is your life’s contract. This contractual agreement between you and the higher powers was put in place as a guideline for you in this incarnation. Many are not aware of the existence of this contract. They do not realize that their purpose is to fulfill it in order to progress—for the soul to progress—to the next level.

Working with your dreams is but one way to discover your inner latent abilities and also unearth karmic ties which require resolution. The mind contains the information of your soul. You may encounter untapped gifts and gain understanding of relationships, thereby accumulating awareness of the self and its aspects. It is important for you to know your spiritual nature. You must continue to uncover it.

Comprehension of this contract will provide you with the impetus to seek your answers. As you uncover these answers you must accept and acknowledge their truth. Then you may move toward your purpose with purpose.