The Search 6/7/18

There are many paths, many roads available to you in this lifetime and all lifetimes. With awakening and understanding comes the direction. And that direction is forward.

Discovering who you are is essential to this process of evolution. There are many resources available to assist you with this. All you need to do is ask. Receive your answers then follow the path to see where it leads. Accept the information you receive as being truth and apply it in your life.

For it is not only the receiving of the information which is crucial for growth, but the APPLICATION of it into your life. It is not enough to want to believe. True belief is acceptance and integration. Allow this flow to proceed in bits and pieces and eventually you will reach your destination.

You are a shining star. Your light burns bright for all to see. You are illuminating the darkness, reaching for hidden answers.

Your search will not be in vain. You will find what you seek. All your answers lie within.