Do Yourself Justice 6/4/18

There are many, many as yet unearthed aspects of your soul—keys to discovering who you truly are and the mission of your life. Allow these aspects to surface. Your soul is always trying to express itself. However, its communication is very often ignored or overlooked, not seen or understood for what it actually is.

You must learn to listen to you within. Sudden inspirations, interests and attractions are communication from the soul. It is an attempt to lead you in a direction that is in line with your true self. The more you acknowledge these inner messages and make efforts to embrace these directions, the more you will begin your true expression.

You are peeling away the layers to discover what lies at the core of your being. Each small step is an affirmation to the self—your self—that you accept the essence of who you are. It is another part of the becoming.

Follow your intuition. It is leading you. You must not ignore the messages from within if you are to move forward. You will reach your destination if you do yourself justice.


2 Comments on “Do Yourself Justice 6/4/18

  1. Try asking for clarity or for whatever you feel you need. I don’t know if you meditate, but that’s my way of connecting. Try to be open to your answers because it may not be what you’re expecting but you’ll absolutely receive them. They’re here to help you. You know that.

  2. I sometimes feel the communication is like a whisper on the wind. It is soft and fleeting. I am trying to be more aware.