Help 5/25/18

There is no shame in asking for guidance. Help is readily available to all who are in need of it. You must overcome your ego and the indoctrination of beliefs of strength and standing on your own.

There is nothing “weak” involved in asking for help. On the contrary, it is an admirable quality to include assistance in your life. It is a connection with others whose intentions originate in love.

It is a very gratifying camaraderie. Helpers benefit through the sharing, the recipients benefit from the support. It is a win-win situation for all involved.

We realize sometimes we may sound elementary in our messages. However, you have misunderstood thinking processes which hinder you from experiencing joy and connection. We are trying to assist you in recognizing these misalignments of truth.

Many of your greatest challenges may be solved merely by applying a different perspective and application. It is the retraining of the mind’s beliefs but if exercised consistently, you WILL see changes and improvements in your life.

It is worth the effort.