My Two-Cents 5/26/18

Hi…This is Ann Marie.

When I first started this blog I wanted to keep my two-cents out of everything and relay the messages I was given, allowing Aura to speak in her own words without any commentary from me. As the project progresses and I integrate her information, I’m understanding that not only am I evolving in my beliefs and comprehension but my role as a messenger is also.  And I feel like I should share at least some of the effects it’s having on me as objectively as I can.

Up until a few weeks ago I knew absolutely nothing about The Pleiadians. I remember a line in a Red Hot Chili Peppers song about the Pleiades and something in a Jimmy Buffet book I read years ago and knew it was a star system of some kind, but that was pretty much it. Since discovering I’m actually “speaking” with them, I’ve been educating myself and find it amazing just how much information is out there!

One of the things that’s stuck with me is that “negative” emotions like anger and hate don’t exist for The Pleiadians. These types of feelings just aren’t part of their make-up. This then led me to an understanding of how they’re able to continue their work with us, which has apparently been going on for a long time, in spite of our thick skulls. The Pleiadians keep on truckin’ with human beings and their mission to elevate our awareness because they don’t feel the way most of us would after putting in all that effort with very little reward. They don’t feel aggravation when I don’t get it—they feel patience. They don’t want to call me an idiot when it takes me years to process their messages—they feel understanding. It’s a whole different mentality.

Which got me thinking….What if I stop expressing responses of anger, frustration or irritation and try it their way. I’m not suggesting repressing these feelings because we all know that’s a big no-no. But what if I’m able to manage my reaction in a different way? How much better will all my relationships, encounters and life be if I can do that? It sounds like basic psychology, I know, but it makes sense to me and I’ve never looked at it from this perspective, an extraterrestrial perspective, before. Because if we can try this for ourselves individually, think of how much better things could be for us all. We just need to do it for ourselves—not for anyone else—and maybe it will improve things beyond ourselves as a collective effort originating within the self. And if there’s one message I’ve learned from The Pleiadians that I understand completely…it’s all about the evolution of the self.

Put that in your vape and smoke it!

Thanks for your time. Aura will be back next post!

2 Comments on “My Two-Cents 5/26/18

  1. Truth! We can only control ourselves and our reactions. If each of us tried to live in love and light without judgement but radiating patience; then, the world would be changed for the better.