Time 5/17/18

We understand it is sometimes difficult . Thank you for connecting.

Your perception of time is a block. We understand in your world there are the confines of time. It is an illusion you must try to overcome. It will release you from these feelings and belief in “lack of time,” “time running out,” and “not enough time.” There is no lack, only abundance for those who wish to adopt this belief.

Tell yourself you have more than enough time to accomplish all you wish to do today. You must begin to adopt a new belief concerning time. As with the exercise of I AM (see blog post The Spiral of Your Soul 4/19/18), this too is a re-training of the mind and foundational belief.

Everyday continue to say, “I have more than enough time to accomplish everything I want, including having time for myself.” Make it a habit and you will see the truth in the statement unfolding in front of you and it will be undeniable. You will learn to appreciate the abundance of time. It will no longer be something you fear but a friend to welcome and feel blessed by.

It is a change of perspective and perception. That is all.