Permission 5/16/18

Peace within your soul begins with your psyche. It is an acceptance, a mental acceptance, of the possibility of freedom. It is the desire to achieve absolute freedom which drives the search.

It is a memory buried deep within which calls to you. You are hearing the voice of the memory. Your inner voice is the desire for peace of mind and soul. You have known this state before. It is the yearning for times past in your terms of time. A time very different to your existence now.

Believe in your desire for peace. It is possible. Allow yourself to believe in this possibility. Give yourself permission. Say it aloud, “I give myself permission to believe in my peace.”

Your words are a trigger. The switch has been flipped, so to speak, when you give yourself permission to receive your desires. Because it is at that point when you acknowledge your worthiness. You believe you deserve what you have given yourself permission to receive.

This step constitutes the beginning of a new foundational building block. You are now believing in your value.