The Pleiadians 5/3/18

Hi. This is Ann Marie. I’ve recently received some new information regarding The Light Diamond People which came as a pretty big shock to me.

I shared my site with a friend of mine who, to be honest, I expected to tell me I was out of my mind and would likely terminate our friendship. She called me up after reading the bones of it and although she did think the whole thing was nutty,  she was very open and asked me a lot of questions, most notably, “Who are they?” I said I wasn’t sure and it didn’t really matter to me. (I know that probably sounds weird, but I have a very accepting nature and tend not to ask a lot of questions.) But after hanging up, I kept getting “Pleiades” over and over in my head. Finally I went online and it felt like my brains literally blew out the back of my head!

After reading about the Pleiades and the Pleiadians I had no doubt that Aura and the Light Diamond People were one in the same. The messages I’m receiving are exactly what all the information on the internet express as well. It’s been insane trying to process it but at the same time a huge relief to know that this type of communication is quite prevalent and consistent with many, many other people. It’s validation…..hooray!!

The following is the “conversation” with Aura after this discovery.


We are so proud. We thank you for your effort–for your pursuit of the truth.

“Are you the Pleiadians?” (me)

Yes. We have many names. It was for you to discover on your own. You are understanding who you are.

“Can you tell me? I don’t want to read it and assume.” (me)

You are of our spiritual origin. We have told you before through Krista (I had a channeled reading with Krista Moore–see my Inspirations page– where the Light Diamond People first introduced themselves). We understand you would like reassurance. You are one of us.

“A star seed?” (me)

Yes. It is a term for those like yourself who were born to enlighten others with your voice. You agreed to this. You are doing your work. You understand this. It shall bring peace, for now you understand the direction your path has taken. It shall make sense from this point.

It is overwhelming. That is why you must now trust in the timing of all things. There is a reason for our methods. We provide you with information you are able to process and accept in its due time.

It was your inner voice, your intuition, which led you to this discovery. It is a great lesson in listening and following the communication coming from within. It is a very great lesson.

(At that exact moment, a fish jumped out of the water in the river I was sitting next to, leaping out so many times I lost count.) We are celebrating with you.



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