Meditation 4/26/18

Our methods of communication vary with each individual, depending on the natural strengths of abilities. But all may hear our words and know our presence.

Meditation opens the channel. Through meditation you will telepathically receive our messages and the messages of others. You will communicate directly with your inner self, your higher self and energies beyond the world you know.

It is an open doorway welcoming anyone who wishes to enter. It is always voluntary. For even you, child, may shut us out if you choose. But you know this. Once again, we thank you for your perseverance.

“You’re welcome.”(me)

Expectations can cloud experience. Allow yourself to openly accept what comes to you without placing judgement upon it. Your experience will be uniquely your own. Allow it to flow naturally so you may benefit for your highest good. Allow the sensory experience to unfold for you in its own way without manipulation. Trust yourself, for after all, it is YOU who you are communicating with.

That is all for now. It is enough. We do not want to overwhelm. We are remaining steadfast in our streamliner approach.