Support 4/25/18

You are moving out into the far reaches of exploration of consciousness. As you absorb and implement each piece of your puzzle you take one more step down the path of knowledge. For with absorption and true understanding you BECOME the knowledge. It is now a part of you.

You are incorporating this knowledge into the essence of who you are. You are becoming. You are evolving. Your spirit and soul are evolving. It is movement, forward movement.

It is necessary for you to continue your scholarship. New material will be introduced that will need to be integrated. As you know, this is an ongoing process.

There is never a reason to doubt your abilities. Our messages should be providing you with support. Allow us to lift you. We are here to assist you with your endeavors to achieve heightened awareness. You need only ask for help. We are here for all who wish to engage our assistance. Just ask.

Your answers will come in many different ways, depending on the individual. But do not doubt when you receive assistance, information. Open your minds. Communication is everywhere when you are ready to receive.

(This is what they’re talking about–Ann Marie)