The Healing of the Dragonfly

This is Ann Marie speaking, for a change. I hesitated to include this at the beginning because it was very specifically my experience. But as I was going over my “downloads”, I decided it was one of those across-the-board deals that can really be for anyone so I’m including it now.

One day I saw a dragonfly floating, apparently dead, in my pool. I scooped it out and held it in my hands, feeling profoundly sad for the loss of the beautiful little creature. While I held it, it suddenly began to move. Slowly, slowly the dragonfly resuscitated itself and finally flew away. Months later, while I was going through a tough transitional time, the following exchange with Aura references that incident.

The Healing of the Dragonfly

You are the drowning dragonfly. You have rescued yourself. You are regaining your strength. You will fly again. You saved yourself. It was a prophecy.

You must think of prophecy in different terms. It is part of the puzzle. You can look back on that  moment when you rescued the dragonfly, replace yourself with the dragonfly and know you will fly again. It is a tool of reassurance–the knowing. For you have already seen it.

Do you understand?

“Yes.” (me)

It takes courage to stop old patterns. It takes courage to challenge the foundation. DO NOT QUESTION YOUR DECISIONS. Do not judge yourself, your every move. Right now you are going from your heart and therefore you will feel–the good and the bad. Know it is right for you. TRUST.

Now you may fly again.

“Why does this process have to be so painful?” (me)

So you can appreciate the flip-side even more.

At this time in your life you are learning to navigate the illusion. Everyday you are taking one step. Step by step, you will break free. Express through your art and follow your intuition. Bring harmony into your life.

Within the illusion lies clarity. There is another side to the fog. If you look for it you will reach it–The Clearing. And in the clearing you will find the freedom to move forward.

Use your tools. Allow yourself to love freely. Live from your heart and embrace your joy. TRUST. There is another lifetime beyond this. Do not struggle here. You know the truth. Create your happy life.

With this uncomfortable process comes understanding. Sometimes you have to let yourself experience these things alone, without “human” support so it can run its course within your self. When you allow it to flow freely, as emotional and painful as it may be at the time, it washes away the debris so you can see the truth that lies underneath, behind, on the other side. And it will all be worth it.



2 Comments on “The Healing of the Dragonfly

  1. I love this! As a young girl, I was taught the dragonfly represents transformation and life’s ever constant process of change. Growing up, my parents took our family out to the canyons and plains of the South West, Navajo nation. We learned so much about nature and the gods of the Navajo. Navajo tribe the dragonfly is the symbol for pure water. My family refer to dragon flys as Mosquito Hawks! I too have saved many dragonfly’s, bees, moths, butterfly’s from a watery death… and I always feel a little heart break if they have already passed. I say a prayer and ask for their little bodies to feed or nourish another critters life! Idk why but i feel I’d want the same treatment if the situation was reverse!