Invest in Yourself 4/24/18

You are establishing your worth as you understand, accept and implement these ideas, messages, materials. You are establishing your worth to yourself–your self-worth. By accepting new ideas and beliefs you are changing your concept of yourself. You will realize your value.

Most of you de-value yourselves as a matter of course. Your social indoctrination places value elsewhere. But in all truth, you are worth more than all the rest combined (we are trying to speak simply). For if you invest in yourself, give to yourself as much as you possibly can, the reward will be far greater than anything else could possibly yield.

By going from within, following your happiness and doing what brings you joy, you are doing just that–investing in your self. And all others will benefit as a result.

Investing in yourself is not being selfish. It is in fact exactly the opposite. Because by giving to yourself, you automatically give to others through your experience of happiness. It overflows to others naturally. It becomes a natural overflow of the inner, natural and pure light of your soul, your spirit. It is a blessing to all, especially to yourself.

You deserve it. You are worth it.