Your Gifts 4/20/18

Extrasensory perception, ESP, is the ability to perceive at a heightened level of awareness. It is a goal that all individuals may be able to reach this milestone on their journey.

There is nothing magical about heightened awareness. It is merely using your gifts to the fullest extent. What comes most naturally for you is your gift.

We are encouraging all of you to use your gifts. For a gift is not meant to be ignored, it is meant to be appreciated and utilized. Embrace your gifts. They are part of your value and you are indeed valuable.

Blind are those who can not see their own value. Deaf are those who do not hear the words of praise coming from their soul. Mute are those who are unable to speak highly of themselves for the weight of unworthiness.

Embrace your greatness. Your greatness are your gifts. Appreciate them and share them. It is your duty.

You are opening. We are encouraging you to continue. Make the time, make the effort. You will see the rewards.