The Spiral of Your Soul 4/19/18

We have been told we are sometimes difficult to understand. We are trying to simplify our explanations. We will try to use simpler terms if possible.

“Thank you.” (me)


The spiral of your soul is what you are.

Within each individual lie the talents, the attributes, the composition of many selves which you have and will experience throughout time. You must believe in these attributes and abilities. You are able to draw up any of these aspects of your self, of your soul, and make them a part of yourself NOW.

All lies within. All you must do is draw the attributes up and you will experience them in your current reality. By drawing up latent characteristics and abilities you are consciously recreating and expanding who you are as well as expanding your consciousness, because you are using your awareness intentionally.

You may create this new image of yourself by beginning to write or speak of the person you wish to be. Write or say, “I AM,” and then fill in the desired aspect. For example, “I AM COURAGEOUS.”  Make it a new habit to create the image of yourself you wish to be. It is the first step. It is a conscious acceptance of the new creation of you and it will become so with continued effort.

Next, when you act in line with these statements of “I AM” you will truly begin to alter your belief of yourself. For example, if you are hesitating to make a decision because you are afraid of making an incorrect choice, decide. Once you have made a decision you have overcome your fear–YOU ARE COURAGEOUS. That is now indisputable and therefore must become your new belief.

We hope we have explained this clearly so it may be easily understood.

To me:

These are our words. Do not be concerned that you are manipulating them. (I was worried I might be.) We have heard the request for simplicity and, after all, the purpose of this project is for the understanding of all so this information may be implemented into their lives.

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