Hope 4/18/18

You are reaching a comprehensive understanding between all elements of your puzzle. It is a multilevel  society of cooperation comprised of more love than you can imagine, more beings than you can comprehend. It is an army of spirits who regard God as the highest love.

This effort is a collaboration of higher consciousness. It is a cooperative effort of love originating with those whose reach know no bounds. We are all a part of this movement toward higher consciousness, toward a greater understanding of love and light. There is so much hope for your future if you entertain these possibilities.

What appears to be is not what is. See what lies behind the apparent darkness and despair. There is an overall yearning for an experience beyond that which appears to be the state of reality. This yearning is a force of propulsion. It will push an energy shift through the mere collective desire for love, light and happiness.

It is happening now as awareness of the power within grows. A concentrated focus of intention is changing the nature of what you perceive to be reality. It is progress. It is forward progress. It is hope.

2 Comments on “Hope 4/18/18

  1. I’m so glad! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you…I didn’t know what I was doing with this! And thank you so much for your support. It means a lot.