The Keys 4/16/18

Within all individuals lie the keys to life–courage, honesty, faith, love, forgiveness, perseverance, to name a few. There are many, many keys. The weight of these keys may begin to drag you down but if you begin to use them, one by one, you will begin to feel the weight lessening.

Use one key, open one door. Leave the key in the door. You no longer need it if the door is open. Once you unlock the door, you no longer need to carry that key around with you and won’t feel its weight dragging you down. Open just one door at a time and gradually the way forward will not feel like such a struggle. It is not simple but if you accept it as a process and use one key at a time, you will eventually open all doors. It is a process.

Understanding is another key. Make the effort. It is all within your grasp. Just make the effort. This is a lifetime of patience for you.

We will continue. You must continue also. You understand what you must do. Create your experience. Continue to use what you know to build your new foundation. We are supplying you with the material you need. We are doing our part. Please do your part. We are a team.