Faith 4/16/18

Faith is the acceptance of the unseen, the untouchable, the intangible truth. It is a sliding scale, measured by each individual differently as they progress through life. Faith requires practice.

We are speaking of faith in oneself. It is a multidimensional understanding of the aspects within each individual. We are asking you to place your faith in yourself, however you are indoctrinated to place it elsewhere, with a small emphasis on personal power. This is a difficult restructuring.

You are moving forward. It may seem at times it is a painfully slow process but trust in what you can not see completely yet as being an integral part of your progression. Faith is required.

What you are doing during these seemingly stagnant times is learning to trust yourself–building faith and placing faith in your creation of your freedom. Once you place your faith within, it is transferred from the external concepts of faith to the internal, self-based truth–belief in your self. You are taught to place yourselves last, to emphasize faith in the power of external forces. But the truth is you are the power source for your own life. It comes from within, not without.

Trust yourself most especially when you are feeling less than peaceful. Have faith in your ability to find solace within. Trust your feelings, your intuition, listen to your inner voice for it WILL lead you to the answers and the comfort you seek if you listen.

It is the way forward.