The Orchestra 4/7/18

You create the orchestra of your life by choosing what you wish to hear.

Close your eyes.

What do you hear?

Do you hear sounds of nature? Are you smiling, embracing the sounds around you?

Does it sound like music or does it sound like noise?

Is it constant babble of increasingly loud and almost unbearable chatter and disharmony? Is it causing a feeling of tension, causing you to clench your body?

It is all perception. For in the middle of a bustling city you can choose to close your eyes and hear the sounds of peace above the din, or in the solitude of the forest you may only hear the calamity in the distance.The choice of what you listen to is yours. You have the power to block out what you do not wish to hear and welcome what you do. Remember, you do not need to listen to everything–EVEN IF IT ORIGINATES FROM PEOPLE YOU LOVE AND WHO LOVE YOU.

Release what is not your truth. You must go forward. Release the disharmony in your orchestra–because you alone are the conductor of your orchestra.