Words of Encouragement 4/8/18

(I’m freaking out about starting this blog and thinking I’m not able to do it.)

There is fear. Put it in the balloon. Send it away.

Trust yourself. It will be correct. The key to life is courage. You will never fail unless you fail to act. Have courage.

This is our project. We are with you but we can not do your part. You must do your part.

Do you understand?

“Yes.” (me)

You must take action. Do not be afraid. There is an alliance with the Divine. You are not alone. It is for the good of all. Use your gift of courage.

These are words of encouragement. Please take them to heart.

“I will.” (me)

This is a struggle for you at times. Please try to overcome this. We are committed to you. Please commit to us–TRUST. Trust in all you are experiencing. Do not allow the specter of doubt to overtake your mind. You are a warrior, you are in control.

“Thank you for reminding me.” (me)

Remember, you are the conductor of your orchestra. Allow the experience to unfold for you. It is another leap of faith. Filter out the noise in your orchestra. Go from within. You know this is right. You have support. This is being guided by the highest love.

You will see.