Perseverance 4/7/18

You are recognizing what is and what is not when you apply our messages to your life. You will begin to feel a lightness, a sense of peace previously absent, once you begin to adopt new ideas and beliefs. It is the release, the expulsions of untruths weighing you down, that now allows for a feeling of light and space to enter your heart and mind. You are taking steps, conscious steps, toward your freedom by choosing to accept these new or perhaps just previously unapplied concepts.

Within each individual lies the desire to be free. Once again, your freedom is within your reach. It is up to you. You hold all the power. However, skepticism of personal power is ever-present and outside opinions can be like an affliction causing self-doubt. You stop yourself–ONLY YOU STOP YOURSELF–from your desires.

This is a monumental realization and difficult to integrate into the established pattern of thinking. However, with EFFORT this will become understood. It is truly the acceptance of a new philosophy of life we are pushing into the open. This can be tedious at times. it is not an “overnight” process which causes many to abandon the effort.

Faith is required. Dedication to the belief in the self is the impetus to persevere. For if you believe at the very heart of the matter–all matters–lies the faith in oneself–then you will continue to persevere…because the alternative will no longer be an option.