Manifestation 4/2/18

You are here to experience the complete picture of your life, to achieve all you desire. For you this is epitomized in your dive home, place of peace (Aura is speaking of my dream home). Understand what this represents. It is your freedom. It is your achievement over all you must overcome to reach your freedom. Continue to see it, feel it, to LIVE IN IT IN YOUR MIND.

All manifestation comes from the mind. If you see it, feel it, experience it in your mind it will become so. Now is the time to manifest this life for yourself. NOW.

The speed of materialization is increasing. What you imagine will materialize very quickly. You have seen this yourself and know this is true. Be cognizant of this fact. It is paramount to keep this understanding in the forefront of your mind. For what you imagine will manifest–rapidly.

Be aware of all your thoughts so you will only experience what you want. Do not hold in your mind those thoughts of what you do not want–FEAR BASED IDEAS. Recognize immediately the penetration of thoughts of lack, fear, unworthiness and put them in the balloon and release them. HOLD ONTO the desires of your life. Draw a picture of your balloons of desire with your hand holding onto them.

These words are our project. Please share them.