The Reconstruction of Life 4/1/18

There lies in the forest a great tree of life. It teems with natural life, visible and invisible. It is the source of all that is.

It  supports and sustains all life in spite of those who would prefer to destroy it. For although at times it may appear this great tree is near death itself, it is in fact indestructible.

It is immortal in its life-sustaining support. It enriches all, whether there is an awareness of it or not. Its existence has no beginning and no end. It has always been and always will be. It is all that is.


There is a great misunderstanding among the masses regarding life. Life has been corrupted by fear in the guise of hatred.

The truth ,however, is that hatred does not exist. “Hate” is merely the fear-based form of love. Hate is love. It is the creation, or rather the deconstruction, of love erected as a defense for feelings of unworthiness. This defense is a projection of feelings of unworthiness instilled in the minds of those who now believe they do not deserve love due to the indoctrination of false beliefs.

It is a force which must be understood to be overcome. You must forgive this corruption of the mind and free yourselves from fear. It is a large, seemingly impossible endeavor. Yet, IT IS POSSIBLE for one individual at a time. One by one, bit by bit, the pattern of hopelessness may be broken. With effort, with conviction of purpose and with the knowledge of the truth that lies within each individual, it can be achieved.

The re-construction of love is the reconstruction of life.

This is our project–the reconstruction of life.