Trust Eliminates Limitation 3/23/18

You are free of all restrictions. The camouflaged world of limitation is imagined. All is possible. There lies an infinite array of possibilities for each individual to experience in his or her lifetime. It is merely suggestion of lack, restriction and impossibility that is embraced rather than the former idea just mentioned.

It is a great travesty that the unaware human mind so readily accepts limitation. It stunts not only growth of consciousness but it inhibits the experience of happiness, for people feel an inferiority and impossibility of true expansion. They do not embrace their greatness because they fail to realize their unlimitedness as worthy, flourishing human beings.

You must jump the chasm of fear and doubt. You must have courage. Fear is a state of mind built on deeply embedded ideas perpetuated by society. Deeply ingrained, planted and nurtured by the outside world.

You must go inside. Feel the greatness of your true self, your soul. There is so much more to you, to all of you, than what you think you see. Within your soul lie all the potential aspects of who you are. Anything you can imagine, you are.

You are transforming consciousness, awareness by presenting new material to a closed mind. Reading these words is enough to plant a seed for a new idea to grow. For some the seed will take root and establish itself within the psyche and cause a new pattern to form which will in turn become a new foundation for behavior.

Follow your urges, trust your feelings. You are moving forward. Allow the trust to flow through you. It is replacing fear and doubt, illuminating your cells, flowing uninhibited and allowing you to expand in many ways. TRUST eliminates LIMITATION.

This is our project. It is important. It is worthy of you. Share this. There is nothing but support for you, so much love and support for you. Embrace it. It will give you strength and courage. Allow this experience to bring you joy–joy through sharing. You will experience gratitude and love, warmth of true purpose for the nourishment of your soul. It will cause you to grow exponentially in your personal power. You are becoming empowered for the greater good of all.

Blessings to you, our child of light.