Traveler of the Soul 3/31/18

Your soul resides deep within the annals of time, where all knowledge, all knowing resides. It is within the root chakra of your being. It is the source of who you are. Radiate forth from your source. It is your trueness. Trust the urges from within. You are a vessel, a receptacle of great knowledge. Within the core you hold vast amounts of information. You need only tap into your inner self to access information.

It is what you are doing now. You are accessing the latent information and drawing it up so you may share it with others so you may help bring awareness.

This great source of knowledge is for all. This information is not “esoteric”. It only appears to be so because for many it remains hidden. However, it is accessible to all. Through the sharing of this project, more and more will become aware of its existence. It is not extraordinary–it is merely untapped.

You are a seeker of this information. You have sought answers to the truth and you have been led here to this. It is your core belief in love, in spite of all you see and hear which might convince you otherwise, that has allowed you to receive, welcome and embrace this information. You believe in it. You always have. It has been the impetus for your journey.

You are a traveler of the soul.

“I don’t understand.” (me)

To be a traveler of the soul means you pursue the source of your being–that which makes you great. You search, have searched for your greatness which lies within you that you have always known was there. You have never given up the search.

This quest has spurred your existence in this lifetime. As you like to say, “Not all who wander are lost.” You have not been an aimless wanderer, nor are any of the others searching for their truth. You are all travelers of the soul.

The travelers are all uniting together at this time for a common purpose. Know that you are not aimless, know there is a reason yet to become perfectly clear. But this knowledge should pacify and assure you. You are indeed a part of something greater than yourselves. You are correct and you are on track.