The Plea 3/30/18

There is an interesting correlation between life and existing. To live is to experience joy, happiness, love. TO BE ALIVE is meant to be a celebration. Unfortunately, many of you are merely existing once you reach a certain point in your lifetime.

Existing is waiting to die. It is the halting of life. You must recognize this condition if you are to resume living. It is a type of self-inflicted sickness, a type of self-inflicted punishment. It is under your control. You may cure your sickness, you may lift the sentence of punishment any time once you recognize it.

These are powerful words. For what we are telling you is that by continuing to allow yourself to merely exist you are effectively removing your life force. You are contributing to your own suffocation of spirit. You are a murderer of the self. It is a crime against the self.

The answer to the cessation of this self-abuse is self-love. You must learn to love yourself. You are worth it. You are all worth it. You are worthy of the highest love, of joy, of happiness, of a complete and fulfilling life. Above all others, it is the self–your self–you must love the most.

These are intense words meant to strike a chord in the hearts of those who experience this communication. It is a wake-up call. Sometimes passion is required in a plea.

“You’re pleading?” (me)

We are pleading with you to wake up.

Go out and live and experience joy.

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