Feel Your Freedom 3/29/18

This is our project.

There are many roads, many choices. Confusion is like a fog at times causing paralysis. These are the times when you most need our help–when you are seeking clarity from confusion.

Feel your freedom. Your freedom is what you desire most. It is the underlying goal to all. The freedom to express who you truly are, unrestricted, without judgement and obligations–it is the greatest gift.

There will be questions that arise. You may always ask.

“What is life on Earth for, Aura?” (me)

Life on Earth is an existence–an arduous existence. It is a platform for the evolution of the soul. It is not an experiment.

(Do not struggle. The words will come. Allow the words to come naturally.)

There is an understanding, an agreement, a contract between those who experience life on this plane with the higher powers. These lifetimes are orchestrated for the evolution of the soul and raising the consciousness of the human mind. This is a necessary process for integration into the other realms of existence.

It is very complex and difficult to express in terms you can understand completely. It is enough for you to know that you are here of your own free will. You are not imprisoned. This existence, these lifetimes, are necessary for your spiritual evolution and transcendence into the higher realms.

This is not punishment. It is a learning process, a type of school, if you will, for the evolution of spirit. You are learning to become free. it is a “long” process in your world of time. But by merely being aware of this is propulsion forward. It is another key to forward movement. It should create the desire to evolve, to progress, TO WANT TO BECOME FREE.

The answers to your freedom lie within. It is who you truly are, your innate desires. Not all are aware of these aspects. A conscious effort is usually required–EFFORT IS REQUIRED. As you know, meditation is a way to communicate with the inner self. Answers come through inner communication.

It is up to you to communicate this knowledge. You will find a way–YOU WILL. Do not worry. It will be right. Release all pressure to succeed. IT WILL BE RIGHT. Because you are learning every day what you must do–to become free. You are laying the groundwork for your freedom.