The Implosion of the Heart 3/14/18

The implosion of the heart is a tragic event of loss. The loss is deeply felt within the soul, as the soul is connected to the heart.

Tragic as this feels–and you will feel it on a cellular level as it is affecting and changing your physical being–it will allow for restructuring and make way for a new foundation of emotionally fertile ground. It is regeneration and in a sense, rebirth.

You are writing our story of oneness.

It is so wonderful to share this story of a great opening. It is the story of an open heart, a heart that was once closed so as not to feel pain or sorrow or anything frightening or bad. But it was at the expense of not feeling joy and love and happiness as well. All was filtered out and then there was nothing–only a void of a heart with nothing inside of it. Nothing at all.

The implosion of the heart is a blessing in disguise. It is a blessing of the truest sort for it allows love–all love–love of all life, nature connection with humanity–TO GROW.