The Family 3/19/18

The love of your family is a wonderful blessing. It is true love. It is a source of strength at all times for you to use. It is a deep, firmly entrenched bond originating beyond this life you know.

Great planning is involved in creating the incarnation of the “family” you know. It is a complex labyrinth , a network based on many incarnations as the same yet different players. It is not the “who” that is foundational, but the accumulated relationships which provide the building blocks for growth in each lifetime. This is understood as “karma”.

If people can become consciously aware of the depth of importance of satisfying the karma between family members they can intentionally work towards these ends. Because once it is satisfied the creation of peace between those in the family is a clearing of the path.

If you dig to the core of the foundation the family relations are built upon, you will be able to face, understand and put your beliefs–CORE FOUNDATIONAL BELIEFS–in their proper place through analysis without judgement. The judgement attached to your beliefs, carried with you throughout your lifetime(s), are what hold you to the belief. Release the judgement and you will see the truth. And the truth of unconditional love will be the new foundation.

It is a monumental process–this uncovering and restructuring. It benefits the growth of the spirit on a conscious level. You will become aware.