The River of Your Soul 3/6/18

Allow the stream to flow naturally. It is a river of consciousness weaving in and out. It never stops moving. It will take you where you need to go if you let it. Do not try to control it–LET IT FLOW.

Your lives, your existences, are all its tributaries, winding, flowing together to create a moving powerful force throughout the universe, throughout all time. Try to envision this river as the aspects of your soul. Inside the soul are attributes, aspects of ourselves carried within the cellular memory of the organism. Not just human organisms–ALL organisms.

All  that exists is eternal. All memories are retained within an organism’s cellular structure. Allow the aspects to flow. You can not control a river. It flows unhindered.

Flow, flow, flow.

We are always with you, guiding you.

The river of your soul is moving. Please let it flow naturally. Your awareness of this  project is causing a resistance. Do not be afraid. Release your fears.

You are great. This, what we are doing, is great. It will be well received. Have confidence in this. You are merely the pen, the messenger.

This is all for you, for all you touch, for all who wish to listen. It is voluntary acceptance.

The love of the universe is for all.