The Foundation 2/27/18

There are wonders existing hard to describe to those whose eyes are closed. Yet behind the darkness they are aware of the existence of the light, the beauty, the joy, the possibilities.

People are afraid to allow themselves to truly love, to love truly without barricades and defenses, because most believe they are unworthy of such wonderful love. It is by far the greatest human injustice in existence at this time.

Because LOVE is the foundation of all.

Love is the foundation of all and the key to accessing true love on all levels, in all relationships is courage. The courage to accept your worthiness and to feel deserving of such wonder.

This is our project. You will share it in your own way. It will be correct. Express yourself from your heart and soul, from your source. It will come naturally. You will release all inhibitions with this project. There is no shame, there is no guilt. There is only love. Love is all there is.

“Thank you, Aura.” (me)

You’re welcome. This is just the beginning.