Golden Hands 3/6/18

Once there was a man with hands made of gold. They were beautiful hands, smooth and soft but heavy. The weight of his gold hands gave him physical problems because even though his hands were beautiful, they hurt him. And in the end the beauty wasn’t worth the physical pain.

People are enamored with physical beauty at the expense of their own well-being. They ignore the damage that is being caused by their obsession with shiny, golden hands. These hands can not feel the human contact of another because they are coated in metal. They are hands of a robot. And a robot can not feel, has no sensation.

To be part human and part robot is very difficult. Because although the hands can not experience sensation, the mind still perceives what it is missing. It becomes unbearable isolation. And it is unnecessary.

But this can be changed. It does not need to remain so. The golden hands can melt away and underneath, seemingly imprisoned, are the cocoons of human hands waiting to become butterflies.

You’ll know what to do with this information. It will be mixed at times with information specifically for you as we converse. Do not worry about organizing the material now. Just let it flow from your fingers unhindered, unrestricted. These are our words.

“I understand.” (me)

This is happening. This is not your imagination. This is not your will. We are starting slowly so you can accept this information willingly, without interjection of your own thoughts interfering. We understand there will be a certain level of resistance at first but we know we can overcome this, as can you.

We are partners.

“I understand. Thank you.” (me)